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Adriana Martins

Zen Shiatsu Practitioner

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Adriana Martins is from Rio de Janeiro and has been living in Austin since 1994. Her passion for body-mind therapy and the holistic approach in healing led her to study Zen Shiatsu, which is a Japanese form of acupressure based in Chinese Medicine. The goal is to balance the energy also called “Ki” by gentle pressure along the “energy pathways” throughout the body.

In 2003, she earned her certificate in Zen Shiatsu Asian Bodywork from the Academy of Oriental Medicine (AOMA) in Austin and has been practicing since then. Adriana believes in the importance of having the patient involved in the healing process for a more effective result in treatment. This involvement allows the patient to connect with their feelings and to recognize and better deal with their imbalances. Adriana is honored to be joining this team of professionals that care about each other and their patients with respect and wisdom, knowledge and love for their work.

To book an appointment—and to learn more about Adriana’s available treatments—contact Adriana by phone, email, or visit Adriana’s website via the provided information.

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