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Amy Sanders

OT, LMT,Diplomate Certified CranioSacral Therapist, Co-founder Be Well Austin

 (512) 963-0485


Amy is a registered Occupational and Massage therapist, with a Diplomate Certification in CranioSacral Therapy Techniques from the Upledger Institute. She has been a practicing therapist in Austin for over 20 years. In treatment, she combines her medical rehabilitation background with hands on techniques including CranioSacral Therapy and Myofascial Release to resolve pain and imbalance within the body.  Her focus in treatment is to get the source of the pain that creates the symptoms manifested within the system.  Amy treats all ages along the lifespan from infants to adults with these gentle yet effective techniques.

Amy is passionate about her work, and is invested in supporting her clients’ recovery, growth and personal awareness during their therapeutic journey.

To book an appointment—and to learn more about Amy’s available treatments and expertise—visit Amy’s website at the address provided.

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