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Cortney Baker

Health and Wellness Consultant, Co-Founder The Wellness Ocean

(602) 697-2699



Cortney is a health and wellness consultant and also the co-founder of The Wellness Ocean.  She is extremely passionate about helping others achieve a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. Cortney feels that one of the most important ways to have success with wellness consulting is empowering others by education and leading them in each step on their journey. She enjoys developing healthy recipes and teaching ways to incorporate whole foods into your lifestyle. Cortney feels education is key when starting a health and wellness journey.

She has studied nutritional sciences for over 15 years and earned her degree in Dietetics from Arizona State University. Cortney continues to keep up to date on current nutrition practices. Her passion for nutrition runs deep as she has had her own journey to find her path to wellness and feels it has completely changed her life. She enjoys listening and learning about others during her sessions while developing deep relationships in her health and wellness sessions.

To book an appointment—and to learn more about Cortney’s available consultations and sessions—contact Cortney by phone, email, or visit Cortney’s website via the provided information.

Cortney's Services
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