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Kelly Lindsey

BodyMind Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Yoga Teacher,
Founder of Dakini Meditative


Kelly Lindsey is a meditation and yoga teacher, body-mind therapist, and co-founder of Dakini Meditative. Kelly’s meditative journey began more than twenty years ago and has included many different styles of practice and paths of study. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver and has completed Buddhist Seminary, the Shambhala School of Buddhist Studies, and a six-year advanced Buddhist Studies program at Diamond Mountain University. She also received extensive yoga teacher training (1000+ hours)  through the Yoga Studies Institute. She has found that the teachings of Buddhism and Yoga have provided an essential guide for how to live an authentic and meaningful life. She has found that all of these teachings have culminated in one main lesson: how to live in the world with an open heart. Her spiritual practice is inextricably connected to her daily life, as she brings together her roles of mother, meditation and yoga teacher, body-mind therapist, and entrepreneur.

Kelly sees individuals for body-mind therapy, private meditation and yoga instruction, and spiritual guidance. She loves guiding clients and students on an inner journey of transformation and healing and she offers her presence in support of her clients emotional and spiritual development and well being. She integrates talk therapy, yoga, and guided meditation into individual sessions tailored to meet the needs of her clients in the present moment.


To schedule an appointment, please contact Kelly by phone or email.

Phone: 512.708.0108

Email: kelly@dakinimeditative.com


Testimonials from current clients:

“I have had many adventures exploring the many dimensions of the heart, mind and soul with Kelly. I have found her to be courageous, empathetic, intelligent, knowledgeable, reliable, generous, very patient and very skillful in her practice of meditation and yoga but also her being imperfect, like me, makes the journey together so much more real. You will discover that Kelly is a skillful healer, insightful therapist, a great teacher, and a caring human being.”

“My past year with Kelly has been truly transformative. She has a spacious, gentle, and accepting way to be with you, both the shadow and the light, which is deeply healing. As we unpack the layers, she weaves in ancient wisdom and accessible meditative practices allowing the healing to be personally and directly integrated into your being. To be heard and seen by Kelly is love itself.”

“Kelly provides body-mind therapy, a combination of traditional conversational therapy with yoga and meditation. The work I have done with her has ranged from beginning meditative practices, understanding the principals behind yoga, how I can modify yoga positions and routines for my specific injuries, to being a straight-up life coach and accountability partner. She always gives me useful bits of wisdom that I find myself pulling out of my mental toolbox frequently to handle life’s various stressful occurrences.”

“I have worked with Kelly for five years and the she provides the “home base” my body, mind and spirit need to not only get through difficult circumstances but also navigate my own spiritual exploration.  Kelly’s empathetic spirit helps her to discern exactly what I may need in a particular visit, whether it is talking, body work or guided meditation.  I see the world and my relationships in a completely different way and am able to stay grounded (and happy!), even in the most turbulent times, thanks to Kelly’s guidance.”

“I initially found Kelly because I wanted a therapist that incorporated some element of physical modalities into the healing process, as for me I have long seen a tie between the mind-body connection. As a yoga and meditation teacher, she is a perfect fit to look at challenges holistically, using not only talk therapy but movement and meditation when relevant, to derive insights or healing from. I think of her as a navigator and guide to the wisdom within, helping to shine a light on the areas that can be of service to my growth and to overcome obstacles. Kelly is a compassionate healer.”

“Kelly uses her 20+ years of study and practice of Buddhism, meditation, yoga, and mind & body counseling to gently guide her clients and students into deep and meaningful spiritual paths. Her classes and retreats are exceptional. Working with Kelly individually has changed my life–in thoughts, words, and actions. She is a pretty amazing being.”

“I find my time with Kelly, whether in a meditation group or a private session to be transformative. She models and thus uncovers vulnerability in me. I am so grateful to have her in my life.”

“On any given day, I may want to complain about my troubles, fix my body, or seek a calm focus, and Kelly will work with me on what I need. Many times in Kelly’s office/studio are the most in touch with both reality and my own emotions that I ever achieve. I can express my thoughts and feelings with Kelly without fear of negative judgement.”

“Kelly has taught me the importance of mindfulness. We all take breathing for granted without exploring its use and power.”

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