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Kristi Vitali-Harmonson

PT, LMT, Myofascial Release Expert, Personal Development Coach, Yoga & Meditation Instructor, Founder Be Well Austin Center & Be Well Yoga House

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Kristi is an Expert Myofascial Release practitioner and Personal Development Coach.  She began her training in 1997 with John F. Barnes, PT, and has taught nationally, presenting the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach to physicians and therapists around the country.  Kristi’s experience and expertise as an MFR practitioner, Yoga teacher, Personal Coach, and dedicated “student of life”, gives her focused insight into the physical, mental, and emotional behavior patterns that contribute to pain and loss of function.

Through her comprehensive treatment modalities and self-discovery tools, Kristi can help you recognize and release self-limiting behaviors & beliefs, as well as unconscious holding patterns in the body, that can hold you back from what you want the most in your life.  Kristi’s innermost desire is to assist you in increasing your self-awareness, thus offering you the tools you need to expand into your greatest state of health, consciousness, and vitality.

To book an appointment—and to learn more about Kristi’s available treatments and expertise—contact Kristi directly via telephone or email.

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