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Lori Jones

Health and Wellness Consultant, Co-Founder The Wellness Ocean

(512) 947-8203



Lori is a health & wellness consultant and the co-founder of The Wellness Ocean.  She has struggled with her health most of her life from autoimmune disease, to depression and anxiety, to fibromyalgia, to a total hysterectomy putting her into surgical menopause at 35.  She was forced to take the road less traveled when Western medicine and the standard American diet was making her worse. The more she researched the more she was convinced of the body’s ability to heal itself given the right components.  She has worked diligently over the last 12 years to gain the knowledge to make simple, practical, sustainable changes to her diet, what she puts on her skin and her home environment. Changes that she would soon discover not only benefited her health, but the health of her family and their future as well.  

It’s more than just her passion, but a very personal movement toward eliminating and preventing disease and now she’s bringing her knowledge to YOU!  Her wish is to be of service to those that are seeking a higher, richer quality of life. She wants to be for you what she didn’t have on her journey and that is a guardian angel of sorts, to show you the way.  She is eager to help you feel better knowing that if you believe in your body’s ability to heal itself, it will do amazing things for you!

To book an appointment—and to learn more about Lori’s available consultations and sessions—contact Lori by phone, email, or visit Lori’s website via the provided information.

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