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Morgan Osmani

Psychotherapist, Yoga, Meditation Instructor,
Co-Founder Be Well Yoga House


Morgan Osmani is a psychotherapist, yoga and meditation instructor, and retreat facilitator, and passionate about supporting others in the process of healing and transformation. Morgan is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Spiritual Psychology and has a passion for supporting individuals and groups in connecting to the power of self-expression via the heart, mind, and body. Through the engagement of soulful, centering practices and dialogue in support of wholehearted living, Morgan weaves the power of self-acceptance, observation, and slowing down together in ways that support a deepening connection to truth, wisdom, and the power of possibility. I lead weekly classes on Wednesday evenings, meet with clients individually, and lead seasonal retreats in Molokai, Hawaii and Lake Louise, Canada throughout the year.

Morgan offers individual and group psychotherapy sessions, wellness coaching, and teaches public yoga classes. Morgan offers a variety of yoga and meditation class series designed to support groups in deepening their sense of wellness, embodied presence, vitality, and wholehearted living.

Morgan also offers specialty groups and series for teenagers in middle school and high school.

To book an appointment—and to learn more about Morgan’s available treatments and expertise—visit her website at the web address provided.

Morgan's Services
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