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CranioSacral Therapy

What is CranioSacral Therapy?

CranioSacral Therapy is a highly effective therapeutic technique used to treat migraines, ADHD/ADD, jaw pain/TMJ, facial pain, neck pain and back pain.

CranioSacral Therapy uses a touch, gentle and safe enough for infants, yet effective for all ages.

With roots in osteopathic medicine, CranioSacral therapy works by affecting the flow and function of the fluid in and around the brain and spinal cord, calming the central nervous system and decreasing whole body symptoms.

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Release Restrictions

Identify and release restrictions that bind the central nervous system

Restore Nervous System

Unbinding restrictions restores circulation of neural fluids

Whole Body Health

Establish new patterns of behavior that support whole body health

Meet Our CranioSacral Therapists


Kristi Vitali-Harmonson

Founder Be Well Austin Center & Be Well Yoga House, PT, LMT, Myofascial Release Expert, Personal Development Coach, Yoga & Meditation Instructor
Connect with Kristi

Erin Arnold

Co-Founder Be Well Austin, PT, MPT, LMT, Myofascial Release Expert, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist
Connect with Erin

Carrie Williamson

Physical Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist
Connect with Carrie

Amy Sanders

Co-founder Be Well Austin, OT, LMT, Certified CranioSacral Therapist
Connect with Amy

Lauren Tietz

Licensed Massage Therapist, BioDynamic CranioSacral Therapist
Connect with Lauren

CranioSacral Therapy Classes, Workshops and Resources

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CranioSacral Therapy Workshops

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