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Oncology Medical Massage & Lymphatic Drainage

Massage is a healing modality used as a complementary therapy in clinical and integrative care settings.

Many hospitals, clinics, and cancer or wellness centers increasingly recognize the power of touch to promote health and well-being and offer massage therapy to their patients.

Recent research is creating a new understanding of those benefits for people of all ages, from patients undergoing treatment for complex medical conditions to hard-working wage earners just wanting to alleviate stress.

The individual massage treatment plan designed by an oncology-trained massage therapist for someone affected by cancer focuses on the short-and-long-term side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

Comfort, stress reduction, and relaxation are some benefits of an oncology massage session. Whatever the specific goals, the massage is always safe and effective.

Explore the content below to learn more about Oncology Massage and to connect with our Oncology Massage therapist.


Geri Ruane

Oncology Medical Massage Practitioners

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